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WhatsLively App


Track your favourite artists

We scan your music playlists on Apple Music, Spotify and Google Music and send you gig alerts from artists you actually listen to.

WhatsLively App


Discover Gigs

We show you every single gig happening in your city which you can filter by date and exact location.

WhatsLively App


Invite Friends

We also help you more easily plan gigs with friends, with a special gig invite feature that's exclusive to Whatslively.

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Kirit Chaudhary

26 September 2017

Honestly just so simple to use it's amazing! Not only is it easy to use, but it is so unique in that you simply log in and it can scan your playlists and notify you when artists you know are coming. It even underlines them in the emails it sends. Brilliant. Way ahead of its game, and I really hope it keeps expanding to more places so I can use it anywhere I'm travelling too! :)
Joshua Harper

9 March 2017

Simple to use and very effective.

2 November 2016

Amazing app, seriously. If you have any passion for music then this app should definitely be on your phone, easy to find out when concerts are happening and how you can get there, please dowload asap :))
Bill Millar

18 November 2016

Excellent App Must Download! One of the best gig finding app, so easy to set up your account in minutes, and could find shows that i wanted to go to that i didnt even know about! 5 stars definitely derserved.
Liam Robertson

2 November 2016

Awesome!! Perfect app for music lovers! Simple and easy to use. Shows you any gigs or festivals that might interest you just by choosing your favorite artists and tells you how to get there!
Tom Loughnane

2 November 2016

Awesome App Great app, would recommend.
Matt Roberts

10 August 2016

Very clean and user friendly interface Just downloaded this app, and I have already found a multitude of gigs in my area that I didn't know about. It makes finding live music so much easier, would recommend to anyone
Brooke Mullen

13 August 2016

Great app for Gig Fiends! A really well designed and easy to use app that allows you to search for gigs in your local area, already has come in handy for me this weekend!

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