Gabe Dunne + More

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21 Sep
Brunswick Artists Bar

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3 Good Solos


You are invited to a showcase of three local creatives, who will be expressing their unique talent and voice through their home instruments in three seperate solo performances.

You might know Gabe from bands such as Wings Of Tyto, Mount Kujo and, his ongoing experimental project, Tangled Orbits. In these projects he is either playing trumpet or occasionally keys, but this time he will be playing his 11 string guitar of which he has been recording his debut solo record. The music is inspired heavily by Latin, soul and jazz styles while also existing in a unique groove based universe. His dexterous guitar style and his bright vocal performances encapsulate his artistic mantra “everything is a melody, tempo, harmony, rhythm, groove, phrasing and also the lyrics”. Expect some music from this work with some improvisations.

Ezequiel Balseca is best known around Melbourne for his work with Alcides Neto, Mad Gamble, G Tano and his very own Ezequiel Balseca collective. Hailing from Ecuador, Ezequiel has played keys across the continents of South America, Europe and Australia. This Thursday he will be showing off his virtuosic piano style along with his beautiful deeply passionate musical mind.

Dodge Sedan, Mount Kujo, Kattimoni, Trio Of Bloom and so many more great acts. Nicola Russo has played bass with them all! Easily recognisable by his relentless feel and melodic ideas, a real character around town. Come and experience the Nicola in his most raw and intimate performance to date. His intoxicating love of music, stemming back from his home town of Naples, will be laid bare this Thursday as he takes on the Brunswick Artists’ Bar stage.


The kitchen is open until 9pm too if you are keen to grab some food.

BRUNSWICK ARTISTS' BAR, downstairs of the BRUNSWICK BALLROOM, 314 Sydney Rd, Brunswick 

Delicious food menu on offer 5 nights a week, kitchen open until 9pm

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