Heavy Metal Time Machine

Lively in Brisbane

23 Sep
Chardons Corner Hotel

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Chunk Norris Presents: Heavy Metal Time Machine

Time Machine |tIm mu'sheen \ - A science fiction machine that transports people or objects into the past or the future

Heavy Metal |'he-vee'me-t(u)l|  - Loud and harsh sounding rock music with a strong beat.

Chunk Norris |chúngk nawrhus| - A heavy metal time machine. Designed by a collective of scientifically minded heavy metal fans to be able to experience metal of any era in live form. Whilst the epoch processing unit of Chunk Norris is set to random it has been noted that the machine outputs a high number of tracks from the 90s (likely as a result of being the best era in metal music ??). However you may hear tracks from the earliest days of metal through to modern day. 

Vocals ranging from Corey Taylor to Chris Cornell, crushing guitars ranging from Dimebag Darrell to Tom Morello, bass in your face from Cliff Burton to Justin Chancellor and lightning fast drums from Dave Lombardo to Joey Jordison.  All executed with precision true to the original tunes. A rare opportunity to hear many of these songs live played by real musicians who are passionate about the music (and science). 

Disclaimer - the band accepts no responsibility for paradoxes that may be caused as a result of time travel. Enter at own risk)

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