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Lively in Ballarat

24 Apr

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Amigo The Devil | Australian Tour

Armed with a banjo and disarming tales of uncomfortable truths, Amigo The Devil will leave you awe-struck as he tours Australia for the first time this April. The critically acclaimed songwriter will perform 10 dates in support of his new album, Yours Until the War is Over, releasing Feb. 23 via Liars Club Records. The run kicks off in the Gold Coast on April 13 with stops in Brisbane, Sydney, Melbourne, Newcastle and more before the two-week run ends April 28 in Adelaide. 

A key figure in the U.S. alternative folk scene that also includes contemporaries such as The Devil Makes Three and The Dead South, Amigo the Devil’s music is a menacing blend of folk that incorporates elements of Southern Gothic, outlaw country and alternative bluegrass. Songs probe into the recesses of human nature and weave narratives that often crack a smile in unexpected places. 

Splicing alarming honesty with personal realisations, his narratives carry weight, wisdom and wit. Influenced by the honesty of Leonard Cohen, the creativity of Tom Waits and the ruthlessness of Chavela Vargas, Amigo the Devil is not polished or clean – he’s all heart, with reckless abandon. His understanding of emotions is deep and instinctual, choosing to embrace one’s flaws instead of trying to change them. 

Amigo The Devil, aka Danny Kiranos spent a significant portion of his earlier career embracing an almost nomadic lifestyle, absorbing tales from the underworld and penning songs about other wandering or lost souls. It comes as no surprise that Amigo the Devil swiftly turned the heads of heavy metal and alternative rock fans too. Amigo's first full-length album, Volume 1, is filled with stories of his travels, relationships, and existential musings. Ballads both mournful and satirical, included “Hell and You,” “I Hope Your Husband Dies” and “One Kind of People.” In 2018, Amigo the Devil released Everything is Fine, which brought forth chantable ditties like “Hungover in Jonestown” as well as his dubiously introspective, “Cocaine and Abel.” 

As Amigo’s music output grew it still retained its eerie charm, but began to venture into territories of acceptance and redemption as it followed his journey of self-discovery and growth. The next chapter of Amigo the Devil continues with the forthcoming release of Yours Until the War is Over – his most disarming and singular work to date. 

In a world filled with fleeting tunes and temporary stars, artists like Amigo the Devil are the reminders of the power of storytelling – of music’s age-old role in narrating human emotion. Kiranos seems to be on a lifelong journey, not just of personal discovery, but of reminding us all of the roots, the rawness and the reality that music can offer. 

Despite being armed with only his voice and a banjo/acoustic guitar, his live show is a world away from what might be expected of a typical ‘folk’ show. Loaded with sing-alongs and a heavy dose of humour, the set helps to make otherwise grim topics accessible for fans of all genres. 

If you happen to hear a roomful of people yelling ‘I hope your husband dies’ in some harmoniously sloppy drunken unison, then you know you're at an Amigo The Devil show!

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