Frankie And The Witch Fingers

Lively in Gold Coast

23 Nov
Mo's Desert Clubhouse

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Frankie And The Witch Fingers (Usa)

Frankie And The Witch Fingers, the trailblazing proto-rock ensemble known for their mesmerizing blend of vintage psychedelia and modern rock energy, are thrilled to announce their upcoming tour of Australia in support of PSYCH OUT! and their latest album, "Data Doom." The band's Australian tour is set to captivate audiences across the east-coast with their signature sonic alchemy and mind-bending, genre-blending performances.

Over the past decade Frankie and the Witch Fingers have operated as an outright force of nature, offering up a revelatory form of psych-rock that hits on both a primal and ecstatically mind-bending level. In the making of their new album Data Doom, the Los Angeles-based four-piece forged a sublimely galvanizing sound informed by their love of Afrobeat and proto-punk—a potent vessel for their frenetic meditations on technological change run rampant, encroaching fascism, and corrosive systems of power. Animated by the explosive energy they’ve brought to the stage in sharing bills with such eclectic acts as Ty Segall and ZZ Top, the result is a major leap forward for one of the most adventurous and forward-thinking bands working today.

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