How to Get Tickets to a Popular Concert

By Robbie Fenton

The anxiety. The money. The time. The despair. The depression. The joy. The utter, filthy joy. No, this isn’t your favourite TV drama. What you have here is the intense finer moments of a concert hunter. When you fade away from reality for a minute or two and all that matters is getting your filthy paws on the Bruno Mars tickets, the Ed Sheeran tickets, the Taylor Swift's, the Adele’s, those Kendrick Lamar's.

It’s a tantalising experience and we want to prep you, to get you that little bit more ready, so you know, you’re ready. Here’s our hints, our tips, our how to’s so when Kendrick busts out on stage in front of them golden lights, it’s you screaming his name, not someone on TV.

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Getting tickets to a popular concert can sometimes feel like this

1. Go the multiple tabs

Go the multiple tabs. Depending on the website you can never be sure if you need to refresh, if you need to wait or if you need to click harder than a 3 year old in the cinema games room. Tabs are your bloopers. Stuff up on one, you’ve got 3 more and you’re still in the queue.

2. Be registered and logged in

Ticketek, Ticketmaster or Moshtix. Whatever. Don’t be the rube that gets to the final screen and has to log in. Time is tickets, seriously. Make sure you’re registered with the respective ticketing website and logged in before go time. Having said this, another tip is, Paypal is your pal. It’s quicker and you don’t have to fumble for your bank card every time.

3. Download the app

Apps are your friend. You should know this by now with the Whatslively gig tracker app — AND SHAME ON YOU IF YOU DON’T. Along with being on the ticketing company’s website, download and also be ready to buy tickets on their app. It’s another option and you don’t have to go through the “are you a computer” security check with the app, so its faster.

4. Be early and prepared for the greenroom

What’s the greenroom? Where fun goes to die, where anxiety is rife. It’s the loading zone. Where, virtually, everyone stands in line. Luckily it’s not in person, because we can just imagine the mid-line fights breaking out. But, like you’d want to beat every line, rock up 20 minutes before the sale time as ticketing websites are notorious for sometimes opening up the sale just a few minutes early.

5. Know the map. Know your seats

If it’s a seated venue, know where you want to be. If you make it through the first hurdles and then freeze up at your seat selector, this could be the difference between you and jenny from the block getting those last few tickets. Typically ticketing websites show you the map days before the tickets go on sale, so get prepared.

6. Fast internet bring happiness

Don’t go to your local library and try and fight the virtual world for tickets to a international artist. You’re barking up the wrong tree. Make sure you’re on a computer with solid Internet connection that you can rely on.

7. Get the squad involved

Drag your lazy mates from their Netflix screens and get them on the mission to secure those golden tickets. The more people on deck trying, the better your chances.

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