Luna's Dark Secret

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17 Jul
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Luna's Dark Secret W/ Cornerstone + Julius

Luna's Dark Secret are a 3-piece Australian Hard-rock, Alternative rock, High energy rock band from Melbourne, Australia. The band formed in 2022 from a collection of Rock loving Gen Xers who got together after all 3 members who were in other bands decided to start jamming, the chemistry instantly connected them, and the magic commenced. All 3 members have a broad love of Heavy metal, hard rock, classic rock, and alternative rock genres giving Luna’s Dark Secret a great eclectic mix of rock sounds and styles. A mix of old and new Bands such as Bring me the Horizon, Iron Maiden, Mammal, Ra, Foo Fighters, AC/DC, Queens of the Stone Age and Rammstein are all heavy influencers of the band. Their unique brand of entertainment fuses Hard hitting, high energy rock grooves and Heavy, dark, slower tunes, with masks to create some mystery and anonymity and a surprising change of rock styles during every gig that will make you want to want more!! Now hailed as Southeast Gippsland's premier emerging rock act (Self-proclaimed) ?? Luna's Dark Secret have a combined 50 years of event entertainment experience and have started attracting the attention of lovers of a broad mix of rock sounds and styles. At a recent gig, Robbi Rokkit described our music style simply as “kick ass rock”. Luna's Dark Secret are currently accepting bookings and would be thrilled to be the life of your next party.

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