Si Mullumby

Lively in Perth

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21 Jun
Clancy's Fish Pub (Fremantle)

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Si Mullumby – Winter Solstice – Full Moon

Si Mullumby – Winter Solstice – Full Moon

The 21st of June is a potent date. It’s the longest night of the year. A day that is celebrated all over the world since times of antiquity. One thing for sure, it’s a good night to get together, share human warmth and good vibes all round.

To add to the magic of it all it is full moon as well. So watch out!

Flamenco Guitar. Didgeridoo. Drum kit. Harmonic Flute. Naked Voice & vocal percussion.

Special Guests & DJ beats.

High energy dance music & emotive passages.

Cast away those ties that bind & let us not be tamed this night!

Si is tenaciously committed to the spirt of music. He lives and breathes rhythm, is constantly inquisitive and up for exploring new grooves, new places & new sonic realms. Every gig is about surfing the edge between the known and the unknown. Riding that ecstatic point that all creativity is born from.

Twenty years kicking it on the biggest dance floors of the world with his band Wild Marmalade has infused every molecule of Si with a beat that is hard to resist. His primal earthy grooves evoke the wild spirit in us.

“A master of this beautiful instrument!” Ludovico Einaudi

“An astonishing solo player.”  Cirque du Soleil.

About Si Mullumby:
As a younger man, Si quit studying medicine at UWA to hitch-hike around Australia and be a didgeridoo player before he even knew how to play the instrument.

Years later Si was the only non-indigenous didgeridoo player to be featured in the Sydney Olympics documentary about the origins of the didgeridoo, Yidaki. After this he was invited to Arnhem Land by a high elder for personal teaching.

Since then Si has sold out recitals at the Sydney Opera House; was employed as the didgeridoo player for Cirque du Soleil; and at one stage was signed to the leading UK record label. His band Wild Marmalade has toured Japan many times & played many of the most significant festivals in the world including Boom Festival, Portugal many times over. 

Si was recently was a featured guest with Ludovico Einaudi in the final concert of his world tour at the Perth Concert Hall.

He now resides in Fremantle, where he combines drums, percussive flamenco guitar and naked voice alongside his uplifting signature style of didgeridoo playing.

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