Weezer Tribute

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1 Jun
Milk Bar
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Weezer Performed By 'Say It Ain't Cuomo'

Weezer's debut self titled "Blue Album" turns THIRTY in 2024 and to celebrate, SAY IT AIN'T CUOMO make their live debut performing the album IN FULL plus a special second set filled with Weezer's best songs from Pinkerton, Green and Maladroit... and a select few choice cuts from beyond.

Experience the raw energy and syrupy melodies that defined Weezer's self-titled debut. From the infectious hooks of "Buddy Holly" to the anthemic choruses of "Say It Ain't So," SAY IT AIN'T CUOMO is set to deliver a faithful performance that will transport you straight back to the era of flannel shirts, grunge and nerd-rock.

Critics raved about Weezer's debut, with Rolling Stone describing it as "an instant classic that captures the spirit of a generation." while NME hailed it as "a game-changer in the alternative music scene." By 2003, Pitchfork named it one of the best records of the 1990s; two years later, Rolling Stone heralded it as the 299th greatest album ever. And so Blue now sits in a sweet spot of commercial accessibility and critical adoration, a combination that guarantees the album will make its way into the hands of a certain kind of bespectacled teenager for decades to comeā€”the ones who really need it.

Don't miss this one-night-only celebration of Weezer's debut album happening at the MILK BAR, INGLEWOOD on SATURDAY 1st JUNE!

Support comes from THE LONGVIEWS performing the best of Green Day.

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