Flower Field Folly + More

14 Apr
The Tote
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Flower Field Folly, Getjaxxed, They Might Be Dead Frogs & Crushed Lavender @ The Tote

Alt rock, psychedelic sludge conjured from the swampy suburbs under the Dandenong mountains. From grungy riffs, to reflective mid-tempo tunes and doom inspired moods – Flower Field Folly draws inspiration from their surroundings to sonically illustrate conflict between the mountains and concrete.

GetJaxxed, an indie gem from Melbourne's northeast, blends indie rock, pop punk, and folk into emotionally charged tunes - echoing the feelings we all know too well. His songs resonate with themes of love, loss, and growing up, striking raw emotions from his listeners whether they’re dancing in their bedroom or jumping in the crowd at a live show!
They Might Be Dead Frogs is a four-piece independent grunge band formed in Naarm. The band fuses Aussie pub punk with 90’s grunge grit, setting them apart from other acts. Corrupted by angst and frustration the band revels in honesty with an Aussie twist, captivating audiences beyond their chaos with bitter-sweet ballads. They are an act not to be missed, as they invite you to join their rowdy frog army.
Crushed Lavender is a queer riot-grrrl inspired punk band who bring fun and fast performances. The band consists of Yas, Olly, Bella and Claudia.

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