Dingo Sungod

16 Feb
Clancy's Fish Pub (Fremantle)
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Dingo Sungod is an amazingly diverse fusion of sound and culture that explodes on stage during their dynamic live performances. 
A fresh and exciting new band that has erupted out of it’s birthplace - the alluring seaside hamlet of Exmouth, on the North West Cape of big old Western Australia.

“On stage Dingo Sungod have a funky synergy that seamlessly blends genres and induces a contagious furor. Righteous rapping reggae and falsetto melodies meet hip thrusting bass and eclectic thumping percussion. 

Their recent live album release, ‘Live in Exy’, shows their potential and the lads are easily one of the best live acts Froth Craft Brewery has had the pleasure of hosting. On the proverbial verge and one to watch out for!”
Pete Firth, Director, Froth Craft Brewery (Exmouth, WA)

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