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22 Mar
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Boo Seeka - Midnight Highlight Album Tour - Townsville

Come and lose yourself in the breathless new chapter of Boo Seeka, aka the hypnotic project driven by Australian singer-songwriter Ben “Boo” Gumbleton, with the talented artist announcing a brand new album, MIDNIGHT HIGHLIGHT, set for release on Friday 19 January; and an extensive tour to follow!

Heralding a brand new album chapter last week with a fresh new single Let It Go, Boo Seeka served up a lustrous twinkle of smooth beats, summery electronics and compelling vocals. Also adding a calm yet powerful addition to the burgeoning Boo Seeka legacy, Let It Go effortlessly ignites an exciting sonic rebirth for Boo Seeka following the release of his sophomore album Between The Head & The Heart in 2022,  with album #3, MIDNIGHT HIGHLIGHT, set to open the floodgates into the essence of the Boo Seeka creative psyche in 2024-and the album’s accompanying tour is also set to offer equal moments of immersion, escapism and otherworldly bliss in a way only Boo Seeka can facilitate.

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