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25 Oct
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Orgy & Cold

ORGY Celebrating 25 Years Of CANDYASS
COLD Celebrating 20 Years Of YEAR OF THE SPIDER

Korn's Jonathan Davis was so excited by ORGY that he created his own record label in order to sign them and fund their debut album. Not to be outdone, Limp Bizkit's Fred Durst discovered a very young COLD and threw his considerable weight behind them.

Both Nu Metal giants' intuitions were well vindicated when Orgy's groundbreaking and revolutionary Candyass and Cold's incredible 13 Ways To Bleed and Year Of The Spider albums all became absolute classics of the era, going on to collectively sell five million copies worldwide and putting a few more Platinum and Gold records on the walls of Mr Davis & Mr Durst!

Led by charismatic frontman Jay Gordon, Orgy earned a well-deserved reputation as one of alt-rock's most forward-thinking and dynamic bands. With a sound defined by catchy hooks, powerful guitar riffs and throbbing electronic beats, Orgy have cultivated a devoted fanbase and remain a major force thanks to their electrifying live performances and irresistible intensity.

Cold achieved major success with the album 13 Ways To Bleed On Stage and the follow up album Year Of The Spider only picked up the pace spawning smash singles ‘Stupid Girl’ and ‘Suffocate’. They are renowned for their emotionally charged lyrics and deep connection with their fans, who are dubbed the "Cold Army’’.

The dynamic collaboration of the two highly influential bands will see them perform in Australia for the first time for three unforgettable shows.

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