The Australian Beefweek Show

Lively in Newcastle

7 Jun
The Stag & Hunter Hotel

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The Australian Beefweek Show W/ Big Ear Plug - Free Entry

The Australian Beefweek Show will be making their triumphant return to The Stag stage to launch their 7th album Dead Inside But Highly Functional. OMFG! wait till you hear this monster of a record. Highly political, highly hilarious and highly fuggen excellent. 
If it's raucous pub/punk-rock you're chasing, then it's raucous pub/punk-rock you're going to bloody get. Right here at Beefweek's wide world of raucous pub/punk-rock, we've deadset got raucous pub/punk-rock coming out of our arses! 
Joining us on the night to help launch this bastard will be local riff-lords Big Ear Plug. If it's blistering, mathematical riffing with serious lyrical content you're chasing, you're in very capable hands with this young bunch of Hotshots. Dang!
Copies of Dead Inside But Highly Functional will be available at the show on either 12" Vinyl (black) or CD.

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