Liquid Zoo

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21 Jun
The Vic On The Park

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Liquid Zoo, The rising stars of the Sydney rock scene are ready to unleash theirdebut EP onto the world stage in 2024. Comprised of nothing but sweat & rockn roll, Liquid Zoo delivers an adrenaline-fueled sonic experience thatcaptivates audiences and leaves them craving more.

Liquid Zoo has spent years perfecting their sound and building a dedicatedlocal fanbase through electrifying live performances and relentlessdetermination. With inuences ranging from classic rock icons to modern-dayrock trailblazers, The band has crafted a signature sound that pays homage totheir roots while pushing the boundaries of contemporary rock music.

As they gear up to unleash their debut EP to the world, Liquid Zoo is poised tomake their mark on the scene, igniting stages and inspiring audiences withtheir electrifying sound. Keep your ears tuned and your speakers cranked up,because the sound of Sydney is about to make waves like never before.

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