Jenny Talia

Lively in Perth

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26 Jul
VAT 116

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Jenny Talia from Australia

Jenny Talia performs at ENCORE - Show Starts 8:30 Sharp

Originally from the outback of Australia comes a comedic talent that will blow your mind. Jenny Talia from Australia is a blonde haired, blue-eyed, fast-talking, ball busting Sheila with an attitude, and that’s on a good day! 

This feisty little woman has a voice larger than herself and an arsenal of material to make any woman proud and every bloke piss themselves laughing. Coupled with an amazing talent for writing songs that mirror the ridiculous realities in life, Jenny delivers a fresh approach to comedy you're going to love. 

JENNY’S career has gone from strength to strength since beginning her ‘apprenticeship’ as the special guest for her Dad, KEVIN BLOODY WILSON’S World Tours. He has since labeled her his ‘retirement fund’. “The crowds just bloody love her!”

Having spent the last 20 years criss-crossing the globe (South Africa, United Kingdom, New Zealand, Australia, Japan and the U.S) Jenny’s 9 albums have consistently reached the number one spot on CDBABY (North America’s largest independent online music retailer) 

“She’s my retirement fund” – Kevin Bloody Wilson
“Out-of-this-world mischievous humour” - Sophie Elliott (the Guardian)

“Absolutely hysterical, from start-to-finish” – MOUSTACHE MAGAZINE

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