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28 Jun
The Tote

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Littlefoot Single Launch

LittlefootMelbourne’s Alternative Rock Sensation

On the vibrant Melbourne music scene, where the air hums with anticipation and the walls of iconic venues echo with the strains of creativity, one band stands poised to make a seismic impact. Littlefoot, a quartet with a penchant for heavy alternative rock, is set to headline at the legendary Tote on June 28th. Their music, a fusion of raw energy and '90s heavy rock influences, promises an electrifying experience for fans and newcomers alike.

But the Tote gig isn’t a solo act. Three other bands will share the stage, each adding their unique flavour to the night:

Dream Journal: Opening the evening, this shoegaze/dream pop ensemble will transport the audience into ethereal soundscapes. Their hazy melodies and introspective lyrics are a perfect prelude to the headliner.

Man vs Synth: With light alternative rock and a dash of synthesizer magic, Man vs Synth bridges the gap between dreamy and danceable. Expect infectious hooks and a groove that lingers.

Ambulance: The main support, Ambulance, delivers gritty, unapologetic rock. Their sound hits like a punch to the gut, leaving listeners craving more.

So, mark your calendars, Melbourne music aficionados. On June 28th, the Tote will reverberate with Littlefoot’s thunderous riffs, Dream Journal’s reveries, Man vs Synth’s pulsating beats, and Ambulance’s raw intensity. It’s a night where genres collide, and the crowd becomes part of something greater—a symphony of passion, rebellion, and unbridled talent. Don’t miss it!!

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