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24 Aug
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Mood Lifters - A Tribute To Rush

Southern California’s exciting MOOD LIFTERS are the world’s best performers of the music of RUSH other than if RUSH were on stage themselves. Singer Rocky Kuner was a founding member of the Rush tribute YYNOT, and guitarist Ben King and bassist/keyboardist Isamu Kakitani were with Xanadoodz – A Tribute to Rush.
The shows on the Australian tour will be three hours, with a 20 min intermission.  Right after the intermission, Moving Pictures will be played in full, the same way Rush did it on the Time Machine tour.  Other nuggets that will be sure to send Rush fans home happy are cherished songs such as “Closer to The Heart”, “The Spirit Of Radio”, “Freewill”, “Working Man”, and “Cygnus X-1 Bk2” (the entire Side 1 piece from Hemispheres).
Like the band they tribute, all members of MOOD LIFTERS are committed to a simple concept — that the music of RUSH deserves to be honoured by faithful and accurate reproduction, with high energy and enthusiasm, in every single performance.

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