Darcy Baker

12 Apr
The Gasometer hotel
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Darcy Baker - Reservoir Ep Launch (Debut Show)

Polished, bold and emotionally resonant, Darcy Baker brings an authentic sense of personality to the Melbourne alternative scene. Baker blends Australian Indie Rock with the ultra-modern production of Alt Rock/Pop Punk allowing his stylised Aussie accent to draw in fans of the nostalgic 2000-2010’s era of punk.

Coming out the gate strong with his first singles ‘Leaving’, ‘North Road (ft Eat Your Heart Out)’ and ‘Dissociate’, the title track ‘Reservoir’ ties up the EP with Baker demonstrating a vulnerability in his lyricism that is often hard to not relate to.

Enlisting the help of indie rock act Grass Stains and a special acoustic set from The Lazy Susan’s, Darcy is celebrating the release of the Reservoir EP and his first ever performance at the Gasometer Hotel Upstairs on April 12th. Attendee’s will also be able to pre-order a super limited lathe cut vinyl of the reservoir EP in addition to their ticket to the show.

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