Hooligan Hefs

Lively in Sydney

7 Jun
Drifters Wharf

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Hooligan Hefs | Drifters Wharf

Hefs may project a hard-core image, but he's really about the party.

His high energy singles, ‘The Party’, ‘No Effect’ and ‘IYKYK (They Know Who) and ‘Send It’ have racked up more than 150 Million streams on Spotify alone after being released independently over a few months. Not only that, but his video for ‘Off Guard (Freestyle)’ hit #1 on YouTube shortly after its release and now holds more than 1M views.

In an interview with Filter Zine he shared, “I'm trying to do rap and techno, EDM, dubstep – all of that. Hopefully, this is the new Australian sound”.

With Special Guests Maxie x Hoota, Arabella, Hypehitters, Young Enterprise

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