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30 May
The Workers Club Fitzroy

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Miguel Brooking (Single Launch)


The collateral damage of heartbreak and the vertigo of romantic plot-twists sent Miguel Brooking spinning into the Australian atmosphere with his guitar at the beginning of 2023. With pockets of songs forged from the creative scenes of London and Bristol, Miguel has been fully embraced by Melbourne’s vibrant musical community since the moment he first entered Australian orbit 1 year ago. The speed and intensity with which the musical stars aligned and the avengers assembled still has him scratching his head while showing band members the new stuff; a testament to the sheer milieu of creativity that Melbourne holds in its palms and something he intends ‘to sing and dance about for many years to come’.

‘Happy’ is the 3rd fully Melbourne-produced song to be released following on from ‘Paint’ and ‘Impossible to Be.’ As ever, this release party aims to better its predecessors in every way. We look forward to seeing you there. 

From half the world away, KENNY is a Melbourne based singer/songwriter born and raised on a small island off the east coast of Canada. Since the age of 15, she has been writing music and poetry in the back pages of her journal and the depths of her iPhone notes app.

KENNY's debut single "Love Her" speaks to the undiluted honesty and inevitable bitterness navigating a relationship with a best friend who has blindsided and betrayed you - despite giving them all your love. She continues to cultivate her creative endeavours by chasing the mantra “Make Love, Make $$, Make Art”. She's passionate. She's moody. She's literally just a girl.

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