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20 Jul
The Mission to Seafarers Victoria

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Noise Dome, Michael Ellingford + Uboa Lp Launch!

Noise in the Dome, Michael Ellingford, Uboa LP Launch

- Michael Ellingford (adl)
- Uboa, LP Launch
- Sow Discord
- Vacuum
- Tongue Dissolver
- Shoshana Rosenberg

20th of July. Norla Dome (The Mission to Seafarers, 717 Flinders St, Docklands) Enter via Flinders St. 

Michael Ellingford hailing from Adelaide is back in Melbourne, Bringing their taste of screaming walls of harsh noise and atmosphere. Experience noise with texture, substance, and an intensity that's akin to TV static you can't escape from—but better!

Uboa just played Roadburn! Xandra Metcalfe has been a non stop noisy cat-girl since birth. Receiving many accolades for her brand of depressive structural dark ambient death industrial. She’ll have you crying but this time in a dome! OH! And it's her LP Launch, so how could you not?

Sow Discord (the noise child of Dave Coen.) A back catalog of doom and noise so long he turned it into a tube, his blend of reverb’d sub-bass and electrical doom in the dome will be an auditory experience not to miss!

Vacuum; the collaborative project of Jenny Branagan (NUN) and Andrea Blake (ASPS/Chrome Dome). Since 2013, they've been experimenting with disturbing yet danceable frequencies, delivering an unsettling yet captivating blend of dark industrial that's like the best Dyson you'll ever listen to.

Tongue Dissolver brings raw energy and unstoppable beats to the dome. Gabber meets hardcore punk. The future is now!!

Shoshana Rosenberg: Power electronics that will help you question “what gender am I again?” and “how did we get here?” She's been making a racket forever, she's been in a million bands and has written countless books! She's here to dumb it down with some fkn noise.

- Mission to Seafarers Victoria is fully licensed and will be operating a bar, drinks can be taken into the Norla Dome. Strictly no BYO.

- Enter via Flinders St

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