Mirror Clippers

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13 Jun

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Mirror Clippers @ Shotkickers

08:00PM - GUN LAWS - instagram.com/gun_laws

Post-punk oddities GUN LAWS are the sound of your big city nites turned big city nitemare. The collision between the tour bus of the soul and the port-a-potty of the heart. Angular music for angular people.

09:00PM - MOTORINN - instagram.com/_motorinn_

Headed up by the brilliant blues guitarist TK Reeves and Motorsport journalist TW Neal (Baritone), the MotorInn thrive in a pumping brand of self styled “Throttle Rock”. Backed by desert rockers Rhys Davitt and Thomas McGregor, listening to the MotorInn is like being stuck in a garage with a cantankerous V8 Hemi. Good talk.

10:00PM - MIRROR CLIPPERS - instagram.com/mirror.clippers

Genre defying two-piece power psych rock band from Preston, Mirror Clippers feature Daniel Brates on drums and SiB on Gass, a hybrid guitar-bass. Creating sonic waves never heard before, together, Daniel and SiB have given birth to a unique sounding band that will transport you surfing way beyond the stars above and back to earth and back up again within one heartbeat, breath and blink of an eye.

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