Ben Gerrans

Lively in Adelaide

22 Sep
Divide Club

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Shelter Presents: Ben Gerrans House Of Fauna Tour L Adelaide


Experience the electrifying journey of techno sensation Ben Gerrans as he embarks on his first-ever solo Australian tour! After the global success of his viral hit "Spins" and supporting Hybrid Minds in London, the maestro of beats is ready to mesmerize fans in Melbourne, Brisbane, Adelaide, Sydney, Perth, and Wollongong. With his signature fusion of pulsating rhythms and mind-bending melodies, Gerrans has captured the hearts of dance music aficionados worldwide. Prepare for a night of unparalleled sonic adventure, where his infectious beats will ignite the passion of music lovers, elevating the dance music scene to new heights. From the fast breaks to the most uplifting euphoric crescendos, every moment will be unforgettable. Join Ben Gerrans on this momentous tour and get ready to move, groove, and transcend into the night with his dynamic sounds. The countdown to techno euphoria has begun! 

Characterised by his larger-than-life stage presence and heralded by his soundscape of signature euphoric techno, Ben Gerrans has established himself on the scene as an unparalleled force of sound, colour and energy. Carving out his own niche Ben’s production combines elements of trance, dance, and techno both new and old wave to create a blend of dominant basslines, technical synths and emotional vocals that simultaneously speak to the emotions of the listener and drive them to a transcendent plane of dancefloor euphoria.

His latest releases Mr. Dreamer and Made You Proud defy description. Haunting vocals float atop intricate melodic synths and reach into the depths of the listener to produce raw emotions driven to the surface by basslines unparalleled in their invigorating effect on the beholder. Most recently his rendition of Mac Miller’s “The Spins” reached unprecedented heights on the charts, with Ben’s productive mastery bolstering the euphoric elements of the original track into an indescribable expression of his own passion for music, life and performing.

Based in Eora/Sydney Ben’s repertoire of performances extends across the country and counts among its titles sold out shows at reputable rave locations as well as appearances at festivals such as Ultra Australia. Ben’s own understanding of the scene extends beyond his production and setlist, jointly birthing the iconic Spectrum Nights brand which, after establishing itself at the forefront of Sydney’s nightlife took the east coast of Australia by storm in a completely sold out 2023 Visible Noise Tour. Ben’s setlists and presence drive his rise to prominence onwards and upwards as he continues to be one of the most sought-after additions to reputable lineups across the country. His tale of grandeur is only set to continue as his music extends across the ocean and the talented selector, producer and born performer sets his sights on foreign shores in the near future.

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