Misty Lanes

Lively in Melbourne

22 Sep
Cactus Room

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Misty Lanes - And Here We Are Single Tour

Misty Lanes is Steven W Schouten, writer, producer and single mind behind the DIY 60’s psych-rock project that is set to release it’s sophomore album “Colourless Green Ideas” early next year.

The Misty Lanes sound is defined by a wall of reverberating guitars, lo-fi drums, dreamy organ melodies and delicate vocals, that embody the soul of bands like 13th Floor Elevators and The Kinks; with a knack for evoking the essence of the late 60s both sonically and aesthetically.

Over the past few years Steven has appeared on stages with bands such as PEEL, Montes Jura, Phonographics, Salaryman, Eagle Ray, along with his own solo electronic show; aptly titled ‘Misty Lanes Space Station’. Now, he gets back to his origins with a new Misty Lanes record and full live band.

Misty Lanes returns to the stage to drown audiences in the sound of reverb-laden guitars that they introduced to audiences with the first self titied record of 2017. Now armed with a brand new single titled ‘And Here We Are’ out August 30th via Third Eye Stimuli Records, the new era of Misty Lanes begins.

‘And Here We Are’ takes off right where Misty Lanes left us, bringing back the fuzzed-out guitar riffs and laid-back groves they’re known for. So pick up your tambourine, bust out your egg shakers, hit a vibraslap and catch Misty Lanes on tour this September in Sydney, Wollongong, Newcastle and Melbourne.

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