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19 Apr
The Rechabite
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Primal Rhythm (A.i.p) & Breakboy Club Present - Burna

Primal Rhythm & BreakBoyClub Present - Burna! 

Primal Rhythm is back! After our previous first electrifying event we're calling on you once more to get in touch with your inner animal. 

AIPSH!T, through Primal Rhythm, are proudly teaming up with the Malaysian collective BreakBoyClub, led by Alfie Rari & Trac Control, quickly becoming a household of the Kuala Lumpur scene, fresh off their show with Denham Audio. They'll be bringing their signature energy down under to host one of their all-time favorite (and local soon to be international sensation) Burna! Together with other local talents, the night will be filled with an upbeat mix of Breaks, UKG and Jungle for your ears to enjoy.

Primal Rhythm heads south to 201 Below, nestled beneath the iconic Swan Hotel, for another night filled with vibrant energy and pulsating rhythms.

PRIMAL RHYTHM & BreakBoyClub Present - Burna!

FRIDAY 19.04.2024 

Swan Hotel - 201 Below

6 pm - Late!


?? Burna ?? Aflie Rari (KL) ?? Tracc Control (KL) ?? Hally?? El Barto?? Girltool ?? Stardust & Abstract Ambiences??

Primal Rhythm: Daylight is presented on Wadjuk Nygoonar Land. We are honored to gather here and pay respects to elders past, present, and emerging.


Strobing lights may be in use.

Free entry for all First Nations people; please contact us in advance to arrange.

This is an 18+ event.


We encourage you to enter this space with an open mind and respectful spirit, embracing the joy of the occasion while honoring our shared responsibilities and individual identities. Let's create an inclusive environment where everyone can thrive. Kindness and diversity are our greatest strengths.

If you need assistance during the event, please reach out to security, venue staff, support personnel, or any of the event organizers without hesitation.

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