Chasin The Train

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14 Jul
The Bridge Hotel

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Chasin the Train formed in 1986 when Kevin Bennett, Ian Lees and Mark Meyer - who had just finished with Moving Pictures - called Kirk Lorange -- who had just finished with Marc Hunter Band and Glenn Shorrock Band -- to ask him if he was interested in putting a quick 'fun band' together to play a few gigs while everyone decided what to do next. He said yes, and they did. Yet 37 years later, 'The Train' is still running as a unit, more of an institution, and sounding better than ever before.

The band spent the late 80s, 90s and early 2000s playing in and around Sydney, gaining legendary status for their powerful soulful, rootsy, blues drenched rock n roll. Singer/guitarist Kevin Bennett is considered by his peers to be a national treasure; Kirk's soaring slide guitar sound has filtered its way into the fabric of Australian rock through his time with Richard Clapton, Marc Hunter and many other Aussie recording artists. Ian Lees and Mark Meyer are the rhythm section of doom. They have played with just about every act in the country over the years. Don't miss this chance to see and hear one of the tightest and most unique blends of talent this country has to offer.

Doors 4pm - Show 5pm

Tickets will be available at the door if not sold out prior.

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