14 Apr
The Gasometer hotel
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Sainthill ‘Dream Animal’ Album Launch

Sainthill (aka Tom Larkey) plays a rare headline show to celebrate the release of new album Dream Animal - a foray into imaginative and innovative shoegaze-laced dream pop. 

Sainthill’s fourth release, Dream Animal trips the light fantastic in pure chameleonic fashion, between its heavy synth fever dreams (Lyrebird), melodic rock-meets-chamber music opuses (Cat Called Gram), galloping melancholia (The Clydesdale), eastern-hued enchantment (Leporine Lover) and digital dreamlands shaped alongside organic instrumentation (Nothin’ Except Dream). Single The Black Bull received positive reviews, being described as ‘wonderful, emo-tinged indie folk that leaves you floating’.

 On the album’s concept, Sainthill comments: ‘I dream about animals a lot, and these encounters became the basis for moralistic tales and reflections on the subconscious. The themes include love, loss and renewal, romantic elusion, depression, dream symbols, setting things free, looking after the planet, and music-making itself’

 Join Sainthill along with longtime friends and collaborators as he brings these songs to life for the first time on stage.

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