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18 May
The Workers Club Fitzroy

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Matinee: Barbarion


Benjamin Franklin was not the first to pen the line: “In this world, nothing is certain except death and taxes”. It existed in earlier texts in 18th century America, if not farther afield.

Whilst now a common idiom, few are familiar with the true, uncensored text. For the text was so powerful and prophetic that all the great leaders of the time colluded to censor the original words. Words that could rip apart the very fabric of humanity and society as it stood. So it was decreed that the original text would not be released until the year 2024 anno domini.

And here, today those words can finally be heard: “In this world, nothing is certain except death, taxes and BARBARIÖN.” 

Help us usher in a new multigenerational era of peace and prosperity on May 18th at The Workers Club for our afternoon ‘Fatinee,’ a celebration of the dawning of the age of Barbariön for both young and old. Let thy cup runneth over with ale and raspberry lemonade on this momentous occasion.

Joining us for the festivities will be dear friends and allies Toga Rock.


FREE ENTRY (no ticket required) for kids under 18 years of age. U18s must be accompanied by their own parent/s at all times - no exceptions.

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