Craig McLachlan • Andy Penkow

Lively in Brisbane

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15 Aug
Black Bear Lodge

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About Time Tour With Craig Mclachlan And Andy Penkow

Welcome to the "About Time Tour" featuring the talented duo Craig McLachlan
& Andy Penkow!

Join us for a night of incredible music and entertainment at Black Bear Lodge, Brisbane

Get ready to be amazed by the performances of these two Award winning artists and enjoy a memorable evening with friends and family. Don't miss out on this fantastic event!

The "About Time Tour" is an acoustic intimate experience for fans of Craig and Andy. With a limited number of shows in smaller venues, audience members can expect to be up close and personal with these talented musicians, feeling as though they are part of a private jam session. The stripped-down, raw acoustic sound allows for a genuine connection between Craig, Andy and their fans, creating a special and memorable atmosphere.

Don't miss out on this special opportunity to experience the magic of liveacoustic music up close and personal on the "About Time Tour"

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