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18 Jul
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2024 P1Harmony LIVE TOUR [P1ustage H: UTOP1A] - AUSTRALIA

P1Harmony: The Wave Back to New Zealand and Australia. P1Harmony is a K-pop group formed by FNC Entertainment. Debuting in 2020, the group consists of six members:KEEHO, THEO, JIUNG, INTAK, SOUL, and JONGSEOB. Known for their powerful performances and versatile music style, P1Harmony has garnered attention both domestically and internationally. With their unique blend of charisma, talent, and stage presence, P1Harmony continues to captivate audiences worldwide. Since their debut, P1Harmony has achieved notable success in the K-pop industry. They received the 'New Artist of the Year' award at the 2020 Asia Artist Awards and have been recognized for their impactful choreography and strong vocal performances. Let's make their return to New Zealand and Australia an unforgettable celebration of music and unity! .

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