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31 May
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Fundraiser For Benaiah Fiu W/ Chrome Cell Torture, Civic, Hayley Mary, Black Deity And Phil & The Tiles

This is a fundraiser for one of the cultural kings of our time and rock and roll. Played in many bands such as sex drive and his own project strange motel. 

On Saturday the 13th of January our beautiful Benaiah unexpectedly passed away. Benaiah put all of his heart and determination into his music and art for himself but mostly for us to experience.

Benaiah truly believed in people who had a creative emotional heart. His excitement was next level when he got to witness his mates push boundaries, get that win & go full force on their own projects.

And now a project is underway by Benaiah’s sisters Ngahuia and Hanisi which includes documentation of his music, art, writing and images for everyone to experience his beautiful kaleidoscopic mind.

All funds raised will go towards this project. We can’t wait to share Benaiahs passions with you.
- Beau & Ngahuia

To celebrate his life and raise awareness, his mates in Chrome Cell Torture, CIVIC, Antenna, Black Deity and Phil & The Tiles are hosting a one off fundraising show with proceeds going to the family. His impact on the scene that we all live and breath will leave a beautiful stain with us forever and this is for him and everyone around that appreciates rock and roll.

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