Sandi Thom

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7 Nov
Brass Monkey

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Sandi Thom, an acclaimed singer-songwriter, renowned for her eclectic blend of pop-folk and classic rock, is set to grace The Brass Monkey stage. It’s been 16 years since her first single “I Wish I Was A Punk Rocker” shot to no.1 in 7 different countries and since then Thom has continued to make albums that are eclectic, different and timeless. With accolades from The Times, Classic Rock magazine, and BBC, she's celebrated for her fierce songwriting and pioneering internet presence.

Thom has continuously pushed boundaries. She made history as one of the first artists to stream a live concert from her London home in 2005. Despite parting ways with her major label, she secured a worldwide distribution deal with Universal Records, showcasing her independence and creativity.

After a hiatus for voluntary work in the Middle East, Thom returns with newfound inspiration and a fresh perspective. Her latest release, "Silence," from the EP 'Warpaint,' blends traditional roots with modern effects, delivering a message of hope amidst adversity.

Don't miss this opportunity to experience Sandi Thom's captivating performance, where her powerful voice and rebellious spirit promise an unforgettable evening.

“Exquisite” The Times / **** Classic Rock magazine / “Unique pop-folk” The Herald / ”Fierce & Honest songwriting” The Huffington post / “Internet Sensation” BBC / “Pugnacious and Sharp” The Irish Times / “Diverse and consistently Impressive” American Songwriter

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