Rqtbl + Double Happiness

17 Feb
The Tote
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Taking cues from loud car stereos, RQTBL (pronounced Racquetball) are super excited to grab some noodles at Old Raffles and then break strings and muse over local issues in the front bar on a gorgeous summer’s day. Combining wry lyrics with dissonant chords, the band plan to unveil a brand new set – songs only heard by disgruntled neighbours and Pitchfork reviewers who refuse to return their calls.
Described by one guy as “Australian Molchat Doma”, Double Happiness combine Post Punk with influences from Boy Harsher, Slowdive, as well as a roster of 80s Synthpop acts. Drum machines and delay pedals underpin lyrics detailing insomniac delusions and Victoria Street “scenery”, delivered with energy cultivated over the members' prestigious careers in aggressive noises.

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