7 Apr
The Evelyn Hotel
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Hausm8s Happy Hour

“An exploration in live dance music through singing and rapping over live-loops and beats, with a side of house-comedy-funk-hop.” – HAUSM8S

HausM8s have been keeping dancefloors pumping since 2019 with their made-up mash-up approach to creating beats that make you want to dance, sing, laugh and vibe all night. Made up of best mate, housemate, platonic soulmate duo Jules and Jaspar, they’re the sound-based serotonin hit every party needs. Their funky fluidity started whilst living together in Sydney’s Inner West, and they’ve been a stand-out act at events, festivals and doofs across Australia ever since.

HausM8s magic lies in their kaleidoscopic blend of genres, from reggae, funk, house and soul, to hip hop, folk, comedy, garage, techno, DnB and minimal, in that order. Their wild style is even more unique considering that almost everything is improvised, using analog equipment like loop-pedals, 808 drum machines and sequencers to create a live electronic sound. Every show is a mercurial, in-the-moment experience that can’t be recreated.

HausM8s have released 4 self-produced EPs and an album which can be found on Spotify, Soundcloud and Bandcamp. Up next you’ll find them setting dancefloors on fire across Australia, or hear them on their new album set for release in 2023.

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