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15 Jun
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Celebrating signing with Wormholedeath Records and the re-release of the ‘Legend’ album.

Adelaide hard rock / stoner rock rising phenomenon Loaded Billy has officially joined forces with Wormholedeath Records for the digital re-release of their critically acclaimed debut album Legend on May 3, 2024.
Legend was released independently last September receiving critical acclaim from the likes of UK’s Powerplay Rock & Metal magazine, was album of the week on Three D Radio, featured in Heavy Mag, Metal Roos, Hysteria Mag,The Rock Pit and more, plus earned top ten positions on many radio stations worldwide. Wormholedeath Records heard the album and approached the band seeking to sign them to the label and do a worldwide digital release.

Described by audiences and fellow musicians alike as “insanely talented”, “stadium rock”, and “an emotional experience”, Loaded Billy’s live performances exude energy and charisma that’s guaranteed to leave you begging for more.

“Drawing inspiration from the legendary NWOBHM movement and channeling the spirit of iconic bands like Judas Priest, Iron Maiden, and Budgie, Loaded Billy delivers a sound that’s as electrifying as it is timeless.  As a devout disciple of the metal gods, encountering Loaded Billy’s Legend was nothing short of a religious experience”
Papy Jeff Metal www.radiopapyjeff.com

Legend, an 11-track album, transcends the mere compilation of singles, offering a cohesive listening journey reminiscent of classic rock albums from the 70s and 80s.  Weaving a semi-conceptual narrative that explores themes of tragedy, love, exploitation, and youth disenfranchisement. Musically, it boasts heavy guitar riffs, melodic solos, thunderous drums, and powerhouse vocals, crafting a timeless experience. With seven tracks surpassing six minutes, the album seamlessly flows, each song contributing to the overarching narrative. A cover of Budgie's 'I Turn to Stone' pays homage to Burke Shelly, receiving acclaim from Budgie's founding member and drummer Steve Williams. Recorded and mixed at Loudtoys Studio, produced by Willi Gutwein, engineered by Sam Gutwein, and mastered by Rick O'Neil.

Fresh from their headline performance at RawFest and appearance on Churches of Steel Festival earlier this year Loaded Billy will be performing the Legend album with supports from Stoved and Dressed to Kill.

Stoved are a groove metal band with hints of thrash and punk blended together with a double shot of whisky.
Hailing from Adelaide, Stoved formed in 2003 with pure, raw edge in your face approach to their music.  Combining crowd participation, mad riffs, and infectious grooves they will keep your horns raised and your head banging.  Stoved performed at Churches of Steel Festival earlier this year as well.

Dressed to Kill combines precision and raw energy in their high-powered performances of classic 1970s hard rock covers. Building a loyal following after supporting the Zep Boys and Rumours, their live shows showcase their musical precision and explosive energy. Classic hard rock at its finest.

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