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6 Jul
Republic Bar
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Dear Seattle • ‘Idc’ Regional Tour

DEAR SEATTLE are taking to the motorways on a mammoth regional tour acrossAustralia in 2024 off the back of their recent single ‘idc’. An instant modern-daygrunge classic, Sydney indie mavericks DS return armed with the anthemic newsingle, out now via Domestic La La.

Packed with fuzzy guitars, nostalgic rock nods and catchy melodics for days,‘idc’ follows on from the quartet's recent upbeat outing ‘Nothing's Stopping MeNow’ with lashings of heart and a criminally catchy chorus primed for groupsingalongs.

Produced by long-time Dear Seattle friend and producer Fletcher Matthews(Trophy Eyes, The Buoys, STUMPS), ‘idc’ cuts a sharply fun figure, with thelatest track ultimately starting life as a joke, springing to life at the end of anextensive writing session.

"idc started out as a joke," shares guitarist and vocalist Brae Fisher. "Ourproducer Fletcher and I had spent almost a month writing a song every day, andI think we both went a bit loopy and needed to blow off some steam. I wasactively trying to write the worst lyrics I could for the chorus, which is wherethe line “write a chorus rhyme it with nirvana came from”... and we were justlaughing the whole session. Annoyingly the song itself and the melodies turnedout to be sick and our whole team loved it. The more I listened to it though, themore I realised how much I loved it’s message, namely that I need stop takingmyself so seriously all the time, sometimes it’s nice to just be a dumb kidagain."

"Nowadays we’re constantly being polarised, judged and becoming more andmore detached from each other in the process. It sucks. Life is tough. It getsexpensive, it’s constantly demanding, and we’re surrounded by so muchnegativity that it’s hard to find the motivation to put on pants in the morning, sowhatever you need to do to make it that little bit easier, just do it."

Supports 9.30pm

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