Claire Anne Taylor Band

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5 May
Dust Temple
Gold Coast
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Claire Anne Taylor Band - 'Giving It Away' Album Tour

"One of those rare artists that comes along once in a blue moon." - Shane Howard (Goanna)

 "One could make many a comparison when it comes to Claire Anne Taylor's voice ā€“ Janis Joplin, Joni Mitchell, early Mia Dyson, all spring to mind and all are evident in Taylor's vocal delivery. But essentially, it's hers and hers alone. Husky, smokey, velvet and barbed, it's an instrument in itself and it commands your attention" - Sydney Morning Herald

With a distinctively emotive and powerful vocal ability that simultaneously expresses both an inner strength and a vulnerability, Tasmania's Claire Anne Taylor has garnered a reputation for her powerful live shows ā€“ tough and tender performances that command audiences to a silence.

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