JK & King Louis

6 Apr
Westernport Hotel
Phillip Island

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Stefanie Duzel was reluctant to give her music career any attention at all when she began recording her debut album two years ago. At the time she was knee-deep in navigating her pub/music venue The Macedon Railway Hotel through the pandemic before she and her business were devastated further by a fire that tore through the building in 2021.

Her hope was that by the time her album was complete she would be in a better position both physically and emotionally to embrace it. Though ultimately the fire at the hotel saw the demise of her business, it opened the doors to new and exciting opportunities to pursue her music.

The album The Other Side (March 24th, 2023) was produced by Lachlan Bryan and Damian Cafarella, acclaimed producers, artists, musician in their own right. They've enabled Stefanie to bring ten songs, some co-written with Malcolm Beveridge, to spirited life as an intoxicating mix of Americana, country and folk-rock, all with a soaring pop sensibility built into their DNA.

The title-track and first single is a perfect example of that musical blend with its highly melodic fiddle playing, swinging rhythm section and barroom piano. Above it all, Stefanie stars, her voice a rich and rousing instrument in its own right, imbuing the lyrics with a real heartfelt honesty as she lays bare the trials and tribulations of embarking on new challenges. "It's about the internal struggle of closing a chapter in one's life and moving forward into the unknown," explains Stefanie. "Most important is the hope that those who are important to you will join you on that journey!"

"The title is very much a reflection of where I’m at right now and I guess an acknowledgment that I feel I’ve reached the other side of a very challenging and definitive chapter of my life."

The rest of songs on the album were favourites chosen from Stefanie's extensive catalogue and which complemented each other perfectly once work began in earnest in the studio. Written mostly about her futile endeavours in love she also made a point to record a few songs that addressed other themes such as the desperation of life's low points (A Thousand Miles), the contrast of the mundanity of life and dreaming of more (Back To When), and the unbreakable parental bond (Double Back).

Musically, the energy and power of Stefanie's soulful, roof-raising voice is framed with evocative folk-rock stylings and shimmering, atmospheric Americana. It all adds up to a mesmerising full band sound. "Even though all the songs had been performed live extensively, it had been mainly me playing solo or duo, so to create that big studio band sound for them was a real thrill!"

Stefanie has written for television and one of her songs, ‘Gone’, was recently recorded by Karise Eden, inaugural winner of The Voice Australia. She has also had the honor of playing support to such artists as Richard Clapton, Russell Morris, Tex Perkins and Tim Rogers. Now, with The Other Side about to reveal the depth of her songwriting, Stefanie is perfectly poised to take her music career to yet another level.

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