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4 May
Gunners Arms Tavern
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Litaniae Noctis - An Ode To Darkened Reverie

LITANIAE NOCTIS - An Ode to Darkened Reverie

Embark on a journey into the shadows as LITANIAE NOCTIS, a congregation of sonic sorcery, unveils an evening of dark, and depressive expressions through the lens of four extraordinary bands. Each act promises to plunge the audience into realms of introspection and haunting beauty, exploring the depths of the human psyche.

WOEWARDEN - Suicidal Depressive Black Metal from Perth, Western Australia: Brace yourself for a visceral journey into the abyss of despair with Woewarden. Their haunting melodies and soul-crushing atmosphere will immerse you in a sonic labyrinth of suicidal beauty.

PERMAFOG - Black Metal from the Depths of Tasmania's South: From the mist-laden landscapes of Tasmania emerges Permafog, a sonic entity that delves into the darkest recesses of black metal. Prepare to be ensnared by their evocative soundscapes, capturing the essence of Tasmania's mystic depths.

VAN DIEMEN - Blackened Melodic Death Metal from Tasman ias South: A fusion of blackened chaos and melodic grace, Van Diemen paints a vivid sonic tapestry that transcends boundaries. Their melodies, both beautiful and menacing, will guide you through a journey of darkness, death and tales of old.

MIRUTHAN - Apocalyptic Architects of Melodic Black/Death Metal Form NSW: Step into the abyss with Miruthan, leaders of an apocalyptic cult crafting haunting beauty and relentless darkness in their melodic black/death metal symphony. Their music transcends boundaries, merging melodic elegance with death metal ferocity, foretelling an impending apocalypse.

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