Guns N’ Roses & Faith No More Tribute

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10 May
Astor Hotel (Goulburn)
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Guns N’ Roses And Faith No More Tribute Night Tour

Buckle up ya rock n roll maniacs, cos Goulburn and Albion Park are about to get a sonic explosion
courtesy of two tribute bands that'll leave your ears in a metal meltdown!
Friday, May 10th, Astor Hotel, Goulburn and Saturday, May 11th, Oaks Hotel, Albion Park, Lies N’
Destruction and Fake No More combine forces for 2 nights of chaos, imagine a freight train colliding
with a symphony orchestra conducted by a dragon on fire, this is one run of shows not to be missed.
Brace yourselves for Lies N Destruction, a Guns N' Roses tribute band so goddamn real, Axl Rose
himself might call in sick and send these degenerates on stage instead! We're talkin' Slash chugging
Jack Daniels like it's his morning OJ, and Axl's vocals that'll soar higher than a junkie's hopes after a
fresh score. Expect an eardrum exfoliation that'll melt your face, guitar solos that'll have you reaching
for pops walking frame, and enough attitude to make even Steven Adler blush. Lies N’ Destruction are
a sonic goddamn hurricane that'll rip through you like a runaway lawnmower after a case of VB
Fake No More will take you on a trip through the twisted carnival of Faith No More! We're talkin' Mike
Patton vocals that'll switch from angelic croons to throat-shredding growls faster than a politician on
election day. We've got Roddy Bottum's keyboards so funky they'll have nanna doing the robot and
Mike Bordin's drumming that'll hit you harder than a blind man in a mosh pit. Expect the unexpected,
from "Epic" singalongs to "Surprise! You're Dead" mosh pits, and enough weirdness to make Tim
Burton say, "Whoa, that's a bit much, even for me."
So, there you have it ya rock n roll maniacs! Two nights of sonic debauchery that'll leave you with
tinnitus and a story for the kids that'll make them nauseous with embarrassment.
This ain't for the faint of heart, the easily offended, or anyone who still thinks Nirvana's "Smells Like
Teen Spirit" is edgy. This is for the headbangers, the air-guitar heroes, the mosh pit maniacs, get your
tickets now before they disappear faster than the contents of your stomach after a dirty kebab from
the truck at your local servo.

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