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6 Jul
The Tote

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Watty Thompson 'Rock & Roll' Single Release Concert

The indie bush bard from Gerangamete, Watty Thompson will launch his brand new single “Rock & Roll” at Naarm’s hallowed Tote Hotel on July 6th 2024.

After his barnstorming debut album was released last year, Watty has been quietly working toward his next opus. Gathering up the multi-limbed talents of his Total Fire Band, Watty headed into the studio to capture some more of his patented heart on sleeve messages to self-belief, the first fruit of those efforts is “Rock & Roll”.

Watty says that, “‘Rock & Roll’ is public admission of self-belief belief (in a country where it's an engrained thing to keep hopes/dreams/self-belief to ourselves out of fear of getting cut down) and encouragement for other artists to follow their calling rather than throwing away dreams and working a job they dislike for the rest of their lives because society told them it was the safer road to take. It can take guts to follow your true calling. Self-doubt, societal pressures, and all kinds of things can make you second guess yourself but if you know in your heart that you’re meant to be doing something, give it your all if you’re able to do so.”

At a time when the Australian music industry is doing it tough, “Rock & Roll” offers fellow artists a clarion call to hang on and keep fighting for their art. He adds, Rock & Roll is, “a response to members of society who think that dedicating one’s life and career path to their art and striving to one day make a living from it is unrealistic. It's a long road sure, but I’ll be striving hard until the day that I die even if it means forever digging ditches in between to make it possible. The world needs art and as artists, I reckon we’ll reach the end of this life with a full heart regardless of how full or empty our pockets are. We’ll be fulfilled and content knowing we did what we were supposed to do.”

Watty Thomspon and his Total Fire Band launch Rock & Roll at the Tote July 6th, with special guests Lily Morris (NSW) + Fenn Willson and The Weather (VIC)

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