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20 Apr

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Party Pest Album Launch @ Shotkickers

Party Pest release debut album “Uninvited”, a riotous collection of post-punk sing-a-long earworms. Described as sounding like “Sleater-Kinney and the B52s had a weird baby”, the band began in 2017 playing their first gig at a salacious 69th birthday bash. Gaining the support of local record label legends Psychic Hysteria and internationally renowned French label Beast Records, who teamed up to release “Uninvited”. 

With all 3 singles getting loads of airplay love from RRR, PBS and 4ZZZ, Party Pest are beyond ecstatic to be releasing the full album into the wild where it belongs. The album will be launched on 20th April at Shotkickers, Thornbury with support from their favourite destroyers of heteronormativity, AKA the queer punks of Hetslayer, along with party starters Made Austria, our very own hard rock metal acapella trio.  

Guaranteed best night of your life or your money back (not really), this album launch is for all you lovers of punk, in its post, pre, pure and patriarchy -smashing finest fighting form.

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