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27 Jul
The Northern

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Wax Addicts Presents 'Smile' - Byron Bay

Take a step back in time to the genesis of dance music and culture, when people came together with big smiles and big hearts, to share and connect on the dancefloor, to a new form of music that would go on to shape popular music, changing the musical landscape of our world forever.

Smile is a night that pays homage to that magical era of music and energy, invoking the spirit of the summer of love 89, when the call to rave and dance the night away, became so loud, that not many of that generation missed the boat. If you were there, you know what this is all about already, and to those who were not, this is your chance to get a glimpse into the past, where life was simpler, and inhibitions were lost on many a dancefloor around the globe, laying a platform that we still dance on today.

To capture this spirit we have assembled a line up of legends of that era to come and weave some magic to bring us together again, so we may smile, love and connect deeply and authentically on the dancefloor. These legends need little introduction;

Phil Smart – Twice voted into DJ Magazines top 100 DJs in the world, Phil still at the forefront of sharing quality musical vibrations was there at the very beginning. Having played at many a legendary party, rave and club events, he has travelled the world and performed with some of the biggest names in the business. 

Kate Monroe – The first lady of house needs no introduction filling many a dancefloor with pure vibes and energy both here and abroad since the early days of dance music. She has played at every major party and event in Australia, bringing that experience and magical energy every time she steps up to spin some magic.

Abel Toro – Born in Sydney, Abel has been synonymous with dance music in this country since day one. First inspired by a love of dancing and electronic music, he became a DJ and promoter of significant importance in the early 90s, where he co-promoted one of the most memorable parties in Australian rave history, Happy Valley. Not to be pigeon holed by one event Abel is still mixing up a storm being recognised as one of the pioneers of Australia’s own summer of love in the early 90s.

Jason Digby – Out of Melbourne Jason has been one of Australia’s most revered DJs for nearly four decades, weaving tapestries of music that tweak the attention of those who are lucky enough to have witnessed one of his sets. An extensive fan base and with thousands of gigs of experience there is a reason why too many Jason is seen as one of the best.

Sallysound – If you were there during the early days of rave and club culture you know Sallysound. An absolute icon recognised for impeccable selections and mixing style Sally has DJed with Sasha, Digweed, and the Prodigy, to name a few. She is recognised by the DJs, promoters and punters of that era as one of the best, most loved 90s DJs in the country having played in clubs and parties coast to coast.

Wax Addicts – Your hosts, who are at the forefront of the vinyl revival in the Northern Rivers, Wax Addicts were both just punters during this magical era of music. Drawing on over 3 decades of experience in their own rights, since forming a couple of years ago they have performed at most of the regions major venues. They also put on the bimonthly strictly vinyl night at Coorabell Hall called Renaissance, that has captured the attention of many an old skool punter with a simple ethos of love, connection, good times and good music.

So don’t miss this opportunity to come and rave on, with a big smile on your dial, and a loving and open heart.

See you on the dancefloor!

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