Father Deer Hands

17 Feb
Black Bear Lodge
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Father Deer Hands - Phantoms In My Bed Tour - Brisbane

Sydney-based Emo quintet, Father Deer Hands, is set to make a resounding return in 2024 following the release of their emotionally charged new single, "Let it Wither" – exploring the universal theme of resilience in the face of inevitable setbacks.

The powerful track unfolds as an unfiltered and impassioned post-hardcore anthem, maintaining relentless intensity from start to finish. It serves as a quintessential showcase of Father Deer Hands' trademark style, featuring technical guitars, driving rhythms, and the emotionally charged vocal expressions of frontman Matt Betmalik.

Produced under the meticulous guidance of Mackenzie Begg from MJB Audio, "Let It Wither" marks a significant evolution in the sound of the four-piece ensemble. The track demonstrates a refined and mature approach to their signature style, where each note, lyric, and nuance has been thoughtfully considered.

"Let It Wither" is a poignant exploration of the universal theme of accepting defeat, emphasizing the importance of not letting that feeling consume you. This sentiment is perfectly encapsulated by the lyric, "Let it wither, Watch the flowers die, my petals decay on the floor." The song serves as a compelling reminder to embrace life's challenges rather than being entangled in the emotional web that comes with the inevitable adversity of life.

Catch the new track live this February as part of the Phantoms In My Bed Tour!

Supported by Keepsake, SENTIMENT and Morningside  

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