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27 Jul
Hoey Moey Pub

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Rock Off

Rock Off - Australia’s fast rising rock tribute mini fest brings three of Australia’s heaviest and most loved tributes to The Hoey Moey on Saturday July 27. 

Featuring: DAMAGE INC, the only Metallica tribute in the Southern Hemisphere acknowledged by Metallica themselves! COUNTERFEIT, the Australian Limp Bizkit Show & METEORAAUS, the Australian Linkin Park Show.

Known for their unparalleled dedication to delivering the true essence of Metallica's legendary sound, DAMAGE INC promises an unforgettable experience for both metal enthusiasts and Metallica fans alike.

With meticulous attention to detail and an unparalleled stage presence, DAMAGE INC has earned a reputation as the Southern Hemisphere's foremost tribute to the mighty Metallica. Audiences can expect a thunderous performance that pays homage to the pioneers of thrash metal, capturing the raw energy and intensity that defined an era.

Having honed their craft for twenty years, DAMAGE INC has recently earned the highest praise and acknowledgment possible for a tribute show with none other than Metallica themselves recognising and speaking about the band on the Howard Stern show, solidifying their status as the only tribute show in the Southern Hemisphere to receive this prestigious endorsement.

Joining them is COUNTERFEIT, The Australian Limp Bizkit Show who recreate a high-octane, explosive live experience of Limp Bizkit and bring the anthems that defined a generation.

Brace yourself for a set packed with anthems like "Break Stuff," "Rollin' (Air Raid Vehicle)," and "Nookie," delivered with the same potent blend of rap, rock, and in-your-face attitude that propelled Limp Bizkit to multi-platinum status. This is a party that will ignite the mosh-pit. 

METEORAAUS, The Australian Linkin Park Show ignite the fire of Linkin Park's legacy with a sonically accurate recreation of the band’s genre-bending sound. Witness the raw energy of Chester Bennington's vocals intertwined with Mike Shinoda's signature cadence and soaring melodies.

Expect a powerhouse performance filled with Linkin Park's iconic hits like "In the End," "Numb," and "Faint," delivered with the intensity and emotional depth that resonated with millions.

Rock Off simply can’t be missed if you’re a fan of Metallica, Limp Bizkit or Linkin Park or just a fan of damn good music.

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