Brad Chicken & The Bootstraps

Lively in Adelaide

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13 Jul
The Wheatsheaf Hotel

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Brad Chicken And The Bootstraps

In the heart of the deep South, where the sweet tea flows and the twang of country music runs through the veins of every soul, there's a band that's stirring up a storm. Meet Brad Chicken & The Bootstraps, the country rock powerhouse that's making waves and turning every honky-tonk they play into a rowdy good time.
Hailing from the sun-soaked plains of the deep South, this talented group of musicians brings a refreshing blend of country and rock that'll have you stomping your boots and raising your glass. Their music is the soundtrack to life in the South, touching on themes of love, heartbreak, and the joy of living in a place where good times are just a two-step away.
Fronted by the charismatic and ever-energetic Brad Chicken, whose gravelly vocals are as Southern as pecan pie, the band delivers lyrics that hit you right in the heart. Whether they're singing about the highs of love or the lows of heartbreak, Brad Chicken & The Bootstraps lay it all out on the line with a raw honesty that's as authentic as a Southern drawl. 
With a rapidly growing fan base and a reputation for electrifying live shows, Brad Chicken & The Bootstraps are the embodiment of the Southern spirit. So, grab your cowboy hat, lace up your boots, and get ready to join the party with Brad Chicken & The Bootstraps. They're here to remind you that life's too short not to have a good time, and they've got the tunes to prove it. Y'all ready for some Southern rockin' country? The Bootstraps are waiting for you!

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