Jamba Nyinayi 2024

Stephen Pigram, Lucky Oceans, Kankawa Nagarra, Fred Ryan

11 Apr
Cardabia Station
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The 2024 Jamba Nyinayi Festival will return on Friday 12 April, showcasing a remarkable line up of both local and nationally recognised Indigenous performers curating original music and dance to the festival’s theme - A Gathering Place.

The Jamba Nyinayi Festival (JNF), owned by the not-for-profit Baiyungu Aboriginal Corporation (BAC), is a unique community festival featuring original and local Indigenous arts, entertainment, and cultural showcases, hosted and held on Baiyungu Country at Cardabia (Gunjayindiya) Station, just 5 minutes from Coral Bay, WA. The event's focus is on delivering intimate and inspirational cultural tourism activities shared by the Baiyungu people, Traditional Owners of the amazing World Heritage Nyinggulu (Ningaloo) region in WA. 

Headlining the event is iconic Australian Indigenous musician and songwriter, Stephen Pigram, award-winning playwright and musician, David Milroy, accompanied by multi Grammy award-winning Lucky Oceans. Also gracing the breathtaking main stage is Walmatjarri Elder and Blues singer-songwriter Kankawa Nagarra (Olive Knight), West Australian born, Yamaji rapper Razzy Mak, and country singer/songwriter and guitarist, Fred Ryan, representing Western Australia's Murchison and Kimberley regions.  Festival favourite’s, The Jamba Nyinayi Band featuring Hazel Walgar and Wes Mongoo will have guests mesmerised, while local dancers from the  Pundarra Performance Group and Coral Spawn Dancers will be showcasing contemporary and  traditional dance and storytelling.

Jamba Nyinayi Festival is free to attend, but registration is essential.

2024 sees the exciting new inclusion of one and two night, limited on-station cultural and camping experiences. Check out the event website for all the details before booking.

FAQs: https://jnfestival.com.au/faqs/

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