Robots In Love + More

6 Apr
The Gasometer hotel
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Robots In Love + Dandelion Wine + No Statues + Catherine Meeson

... dark, dreamy, exquisite, enchanting...
Robots in Love from Aotearoa will be playing a set especially created for this event. The songs begin with moody atmospherics merging into melodies and beats that will have you on the dance floor, building to powerful, impassioned finales.
Dandelion Wine will entice you with their ethereal acoustic/electric/electronic sound that combines old world instruments such as lute, dulcimer, flute, bowed psaltery, bell cittern and cello with cranked guitars and electronic beats.
NO STATUES is a three piece band from Narrm (Melbourne) who seek to invoke the synthetic textures of new wave with melodies of vintage synth pop, driven by the metallic backbeat of the zoom mrt3 drum machine.
Catherine Meeson will be launching her EP of progressive psychedelic art rock, All Souls Lament.

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