Paul Mason + Bryce Cohen

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24 Apr
Brass Monkey
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Paul Mason (Single Launch) + Bryce Cohen

In the vast landscape of musical artists, there are none quite like Paul Mason.

Blending influences from legends like Mark Knopfler with the virtuosity of Jeff Beck and the visionary spirit of Todd Rundgren, Paul truly stands apart. A founding member of the band Battlesnake aswell as over a decade as lead guitarist for Jessica Mauboy, he's solidified his reputation as a masterful musician.

His critically acclaimed 'Evening in Honour of Jeff Beck,' featured a cameo performance by STING, showcasing Paul’s foresight and brilliance. With unmatched emotional range and skill, Paul launches a new single tonight, inviting audiences on a unique sonic journey that reflects his commitment to innovation and creativity.

Bryce Cohen, a seasoned guitarist with a profound love for blues and rock, leads an electrifying band that pays homage to the legends of the genre. With a repertoire deeply rooted in the classics of Stevie Ray Vaughan, Jimi Hendrix, and Albert King, his performances are a journey through the timeless sounds that shaped the soul of music. Get ready for an immersive musical experience as Bryce Cohen and band explore these classics.

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